Online food guide

When I travel, I travel to eat. Which is why I believe that following a website that offers insider local tips on the food scene in the country is important. Tripadvisor is a little too messy for my liking, and I like something that looks like a magazine instead of customer reviews. This is why, when it comes to Singapore, is my go-to food guide for great eats.

The nifty website is run by a team of young girls, and is part of TheSmartLocal. It seems about 90% of the reviews they do are paid out of their pocket, and if it isn’t they would mentioned it at the end. This shows that their reviews are honest and true. And since it is written by local people, I feel that the food listed are truly the Singapore hawkers and restaurants we have to visit.

They also do interviews on famous hawkers in Singapore, as well as those who are not popular, but have a touching story. These hawkers include a 23-year-old secondary school drop out who now runs his own hawker zi char stall called Star Yong Kwang.

Whether its a review of char kway teow, chicken rice, or the coolest cafe along haji lane, they have covered it all. In fact, they also have food guide base on neighbourhoods and MRT stations, so you can easily search for what to eat at specific areas in Singapore. From Boon Keng to Tampines to Orchard Road, I’m sure by using you will find something that suits your budget,.

They also have a YouTube page trying out different food. These are blind test taste, and it’s hilarious to see their honest reaction when they eat the food. I love how the team always come up with funny jokes and its nice to see them like a dish, as it makes me want to try it too!