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Common Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgeries are now becoming very popular in various parts of the world and its primary purpose is to restore beauty and to also reverse the aging process. In the article below, you will learn on the different procedures which are going to be performed by plastic surgeons.

Breast Augmentation Procedures

Breast reduction and lifts are now very popular and a lot of women today actually now prefers this procedure. There are in fact some middle-aged women who prefers such option when their breasts are already sagging. This kind of procedure is different from breast implants where implants are inserted. In such process, the tissue inside your breast will be rearranged and most of the fat that’s undesirable is going to be removed through surgical procedures.

Some reasons with why a lot of women are considering breast reduction is because of health reasons and some of the common reasons would be due to aesthetics. Aside from it is that they want to decrease the size of their breasts. Another thing is that it’s due to the too much attention that they often get from various people, which makes them frustrated on the size of their breasts, which is actually abnormal.

Butt Lifts

Buttock tightening and firming actually has been present for more than a decade already. However, it’s previous approach on cutting out skin and fat left scars, which causes the decrease of its popularity. On the other hand, the increase on the size of the buttocks through volumetric addition in fact helps in creating an increased fullness and also a bit of a lift. Natural alternatives to synthetic implants are fat injections to the buttocks, which actually are usually used and can in fact offer dual benefits. Fat that’s removed also helps in creating a contour improvement on the harvest site, which is usually around the waistline as well as the stomach. This is actually a case to where a certain problem from a certain area is turned to a benefit.

There’s also the Brazilian butt lift, which actually is an enlargement on the buttock through the process of fat injections. The lift is made when the buttocks are filled out and gets a lift through its skin expansions. A downside of using fat is that this is not always predictable and that all fat that’s injected does not survive. For some of the patients, it may be necessary to consider a second fat injection done.

Fat will be removed from the body part which needs fat reduction and will be added to another body part which will need more volume. Fat is going to be first removed, washed, purified and then will be re-injected by using special needles. For you to get the best result, you will need to go through the same procedures for several times.

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