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The Pleasures of Baking

Any person who loves to bake will tell you what a beautiful and fulfilling experience it is – yes, every time. If you’ve always wanted to try baking but somehow need a bit of a push, that’s probably what you’re getting very soon. After all, your bread machine or oven isn’t moving on its own.

That smell – incomparable!

Yes, that smell is just drop-dead gorgeous, especially if it’s coming from your bread machine or oven. Whether it’s chocolate chip cookies or apple pie, nothing else can make your house smell more filled with love. Studies actually say baking can cause a flood of beloved childhood memories. As soon as you begin baking, you will realize that there’s nothing else you’d rather have your home smell of. And your bread machine or oven won’t have to sit so lonely in that corner ever again.

It’s systematic.

Baking is different from other types of cooking in that it doesn’t require a specific talent or skill. You just need to have good focus and the discipline to do exactly as the recipe says. No room for adjustments or improvisations if you want exactly the same outcome. Note that measurements are central to baking. It is a scientific process, and again, as long as you do as you are instructed by the recipe, you will get the same delicious result at the end. So no magic here! Just love. And your partner, your bread machine or oven.

You can freeze baked goodies.

After baking some nice treats for your family and friends, there’s no need to eat them all in one sitting. Baked goodies can be frozen so there’s no worries. When you want to eat later, there will always be something you can pull out.

Baking is all about love.

Unless you want that entire batch of brownies all to yourself, you’ll probably planning to give some to your kids or bring them to work. To bake is to love and share. Baking has a way of bringing people together so many reasons. And if you’re the one who baked for everyone, it gives you a secretly amazing feeling. And with your bread machine or oven, you’ll think there’s so much more baking to do.

It’s highly affordable.

Cooking meats, cheeses and all can be expensive, but not baking. Baking is the exact opposite. Usually, you’ll only need flour, eggs, sugar and some additions, which are also probably cheap.

So what can ever keep you now? Get that bakin’ rollin’!

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