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How to Cook like a 5-Star Chef During Your Camping Trip

If you think that camping food can’t be gourmet and delicious then you should think again. Even in the absence of a kitchen, you still can have nutritious and delicious food in the woods. You only need a few simple tools, ingredients and the outdoors to make a great meal. Here is how you can make great camping meal.

Right Kitchen Ware
When you are packing for your trip, you are probably not sure about the cookware to bring. You only need to find the best camping cookware as you cannot bring your whole kitchen. There are many different products that you can use while camping and they are at an affordable price too. Getting yourself a good camping stove, along with some quality pots, silverware and utensils will make a world of difference for you. The best part about camping cookware is that they are easily compatible and easy to bring along.

Prepare Your Food a Night Before
While this sounds obvious, many people tend to skip the step which only complicates the cooking process significantly. Simplify your cooking process by doing such things like marinating your meats, measuring your ingredients and pre-cutting your vegetables.
Make sure that anything that can be done ahead of time is done then to make your life easier during camping when it comes to preparing food. This ensures your preparedness regardless of the camping destination you find yourself.

Prepare Foil-Pack Foods
One the way of making some amazing camping food is to make tin foil meals. You have lots of options to work with this technique, and you can get them prepared and ready ahead of time. One such recipe is the Cajun/Creole style foil dinner.

Don’t Ignore MRE’s
A meal ready-to-eat or MRE is a super way to get a full meal with little to no cooking stress. MRE’s are designed for expeditions and military and only require boiling water to activate. They are a great option especially when you are going out on long hikes or backpacking trips.

Simple Doesn’t have to be Boring
One way to make camping food that tastes great and ith less stress is to keep it simple. But just because it is simple doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. Cooking needs not be complicated for it to be tasty. The more complex a meal is, the more hassle when cleaning up which is something you want to prevent during camping.

Some simple yet great camping recipes could include making burgers or hotdogs or wrapping ups some potatoes in tin foil and them in a fire. Camping is more about getting away from the stress, thus the need to keep the recipes simple which will also make cleaning up easy too.

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